CUC Mallee to increase study and career opportunities for Swan Hill

11 Apr 2024

Country Universities Centre (CUC) was delighted to celebrate the official opening of CUC Mallee in Swan Hill this week, welcoming increased access to higher education for the region.

The opening of CUC Mallee, the fourth Regional University Study Hub in regional Victoria, comes as a response to the growing demand for accessible tertiary education in rural areas. Over 90 students have already registered with the Centre, pursuing studies across a wide range of fields including health, agriculture, education, and business. The opening saw a wide range of attendees from the community, government, and education providers.

CUC Mallee joins 20 other CUCs across Queensland, NSW, and Victoria supporting regional students succeed in tertiary study. With funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Regional University Study Hub Program, CUC Mallee will provide increased opportunity for regional students to pursue their studies.

Reflecting on the program, Minister for Education, Jason Clare said, “The evidence is that where University Study Hubs are, university participation goes up and that’s why we’re doubling them right across the country.”

The Program has seen a $66.9 million investment commitment to set up 20 more regional hubs across Australia, and up to 14 new Suburban University Study Hubs in the outer suburbs of major cities.

Hayden Hogan, CUC Mallee’s Centre Manager shared the positive impact the Centre will make to the lives of local people. “A lot of people in regional places are studying in isolation without any support. We’re already seeing how CUC Mallee is filling that gap and providing students with a welcoming place to go, and a local learning community.”


Senator for Victoria, Jana Stewart welcomed the opening of CUC Mallee saying, “These opportunities weren’t around when I graduated from Swan Hill College. I know the new Regional University Study Hub will create opportunities for young people in the Mallee.”

Country Universities Centre demonstrates the value of collaborative efforts across sectors to tackle barriers to study, including partnerships with universities. La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor Professor Theo Farrell welcomed the opening of the new regional university study hub in Swan Hill, reinforcing La Trobe’s partnership and shared vision.

“Our partnership with Country Universities Centre allows us to work collaboratively and achieve the shared vision of increasing participation in higher education in rural communities. By combining our resources and expertise, we can empower rural students, facilitate access to higher education and ultimately, make a lasting impact on their lives.”

Speakers at the opening event included: Charmain Anton, Hayden Hogan, Heidi Annand, Emily Fasham, Councillor Ann Young, Chris Ronan, and Mayor of Swan Hill Rural City Council, Stuart King.

About the CUC: The CUC is a network of 21 centres across Queensland, NSW, and Victoria. Each CUC provides regional students with well-equipped facility with quiet study spaces, breakout rooms, and high-speed internet. physical infrastructure and face-to-face academic and wellbeing student services from local staff. CUCs are community-owned and run by a local, skills-based volunteer board.