Universities Accord: Final Report Released

05 Mar 2024

The Country Universities Centre (CUC) welcomes the release of the Final Report of the Universities Accord and the vision for long-term reform of the higher education system with equity placed at the heart of its design.

At its core, the Accord aims to dismantle systemic barriers and foster a higher education system where every individual regardless of background, geographic location, or circumstance, has equitable access to higher education.

The Final Report outlines a blueprint for the long-term vision of Australian higher education, and the CUC applauds Professor O’Kane and the Panel’s work on recognising the impact community-led initiatives like the CUC model are having on widening participation through the Regional University Study Hubs Program.

The 47 recommendations will now be considered by government and the CUC is dedicated to fostering greater collaboration with universities, government bodies, and regional communities through this process. The CUC will continue to advocate for community-led higher education to be embedded as a cornerstone of any future reforms in the Australian higher education landscape.

We are committed to driving systemic change in higher education policy and look forward to further work with the Commonwealth Government in responding to the Universities Accord.