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This page is to help you take your mind off everything that is happening in the world right now. We want you to take time for yourself, rejuvenate your mind, and then dive back into your study. Remember, we are here for you.

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Learn about our worlds history

Chillax to the max

Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton

Do you need to calm your turbulent mind? Check out these awesome...

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Do you fancy yourself an intellect? Bookworm is a podcast dedicated to...

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The Mythos Suite with Stephen Fry

Do you love Ancient Greek mythology?! Come for Stephen Fry's voice, stay...

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For when your brain needs a break

Discover your Hogwarts House!

For those hardcore HP fans, or for those you just want to do a fun quiz - find out which H

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Top 10 shows to watch on Netflix!

So you want to Netflix and chill? Check out the 10 must watch shows to binge.

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Dymocks top 101 books!

READ MORE BOOKS. Challenge yourself with the Dymocks Top 101!

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Discover the world you live in!

Nerd out to some of the most amazing nature and science videos!

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Let's get physical!

Sunrise Yoga

This 15 minute sunrise yoga session will lift your mood and get...

HIIT at Home with Joe

A 15 minute HIIT session with no equipment needed!

Strong Zumba Workout

A 30 minute Zumba cardio and full-body workout.

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