Country Universities Centre Balonne Recruits Centre Manager

21 Jan 2021

CUC Balonne’s establishment is well underway with the appointment of its new Centre Manager, Alix Greenhill.

CUC Balonne will be dedicated local study and learning spaces for higher education students in the Balonne region. The Centres will be located in St George and Dirranbandi. CUC Balonne is part of the Country Universities Centre affiliate network, which includes 12 Centres in 15 locations across NSW. The Centre is supported by the Australian Government under the Regional University Centres Program alongside key local support.

CUC Balonne Board Chair, Matthew Magin, said that the Centre will allow, for the first time, local residents to obtain a tertiary qualification while remaining in their own community, being fully supported locally.

As Chair of CUC Balonne I cannot tell you just how exciting it is to finally welcome this wonderful new education facility to the Balonne Shire community. The Balonne Shire Council has been working tirelessly over the last four years to revitalise our local economy following years of crippling drought, water buy backs and of course the vagaries of global commodity prices.


The economic development strategy centred around revitalisation of the sheep and wool industry, digital connectivity to facilitate on farm agri-technology and of course education and training to maximise opportunities for locals, attract new residents and ensure a ready supply of skilled labour to meet demand.

Miss Greenhill said that CUC Balonne is a great initiative, which for the first time in the Balonne Shire, provides a facility dedicated to helping students overcome the barriers which, in the past, may have deterred them from starting or completing university study.

It is with much enthusiasm I welcome the opportunity to be part of the Country Universities Centre Balonne. The Centre will be a be able to offer in person support to students, provide greater access to technology and facilitate connections with other students working towards similar goals. Ultimately it will result in better preparing local students for the challenges of university.


In addition, this is a step in the right direction for regional development with the community to benefit from retaining and attracting more skilled labour and untapped potential.


It is not by chance that the Balonne Shire was chosen for this initiative; the community has the opportunity to set a great example and in doing so will open the door for similar centres in other small town across the country. I look forward to being a part of the process and being able to contribute meaningfully to the region.

Students will receive academic support from professional staff and have free access to modern technology and high-speed Internet. Students who take advantage of this new Centre will have the potential to build a network of like-minded fellow students and a nation-wide learning community. Students will not need to leave this region to feel fully supported in their studies.

Miss Greenhill will commence in the role on Wednesday 27th January 2021.

For more information about Country Universities Centre, please visit

For media contact: Balonne Shire Council | 07 4620 8888

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