You just need to look at Uni from the right angle

02 Nov 2021

A conversation with CUC Bass Coast student Bonnie James on how she has made uni work for her.

“A bloke once told me he had 90 degrees. I asked him, how is that even possible? He said, you just need to look at uni from the right angle.”

Bonnie is a second-generation Bass Coast local and the first person in her entire family to study for a degree.

“If you asked me throughout high school if I was going to study at uni, I would have answered a strong no, without hesitation, and told you I was going to be a lady tradie.”

Bonnie did go on to train as a baker. A few career and circumstance changes meant that in her mid-twenties, she took the leap and decided she was going to do it. She was going to enrol in uni. She chose Federation University as the Churchill campus was just an hour and a half drive away from her home. She enrolled in a Bachelor of Business, dual majoring in Marketing and Management at Federation University.

“I knew for sure I was not in a position to nor interested in moving to the city. I commuted to campus and worked in between”

Then Bonnie saw a post on Facebook, Bass Coast Country Universities Centre to open soon.

“It caught my interest, and I sussed it out pretty quickly. I was elated! Finally, a place to study locally. No more travel, that offered all the support I could need. Somewhere I could go, distraction free. All the internet, and more importantly, coffee that I could need. I feel certain with the availability of this resource, I will breeze through the rest of my degree, thanks to decreased stressors and increased support.”

Bonnie had spent most of her first year studying online due to COVID-19. She realised she had the self-discipline to learn remotely, and with the support available at CUC, she enrolled in her second year as an online delivery mode student.

 “I also hoping to reduce the financial strain of travelling back and forth so often. I felt focused and motivated.”

CUC Bass Coast has provided Bonnie with a place to study between her busy schedule as she juggles work and uni placement. She has appreciated the support provided by the CUC staff.

“Andrea our CUC Centre Manager has created such a welcoming and warm environment for us, her door is always open, no question too silly, no request too difficult. Tiny touches dotted around the centre, whether its inspiration cards or herbal teas. Her support, it is thoroughly appreciated by all of us.”

Want to find out more about returning to university and registering with your local CUC?

Come into your local Country Universities Centre and speak to our staff who will provide advice on what course and university is right for you. To register your interest in joining CUC Bass Coast please click here.


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