7 reasons why uni is worth it

05 Jan 2021

You’ve just finished year 12, or are looking to shift your career? University is the perfect opportunity to upskill, build confidence, and find that dream career! You might think uni isn’t for you, which is completely your decision, but it’s an option at least worth considering. Here are seven reasons why uni is worth it:

1. Life long learning is an art

Life long learning is has never been more important in our evolving society. A uni degree gives you the knowledge and skills for continuous learning; a trait that employers look for!

2. Flexibility online!

We have seen massive changes to the higher education sector in the past 12 months, with a large number of university’s bolstering up their online education delivery. Studying online gives you more flexibility and freedom than studying on campus because you don’t have to move away PLUS you can keep working for that hard earned cash on the side without the additional living expenses!

3: When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life

Is that how the saying goes? But it’s true! When you go to uni, you get to choose what you study so that you are rewarded with a career that you love.

4: Skills skills skills!

A degree doesn’t only give you technical skills, it also gives you soft skills and the ability to work within a team to achieve outcomes. According to Graduate Careers Australia, the top ten skills that employers look for are:

  1. Interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral)
  2. Drive and commitment/industry knowledge
  3. Critical reasoning and analytical skills/technical skills
  4. Calibre of academic results
  5. Cultural alignment/values fit
  6. Work experience
  7. Teamwork skills
  8. Emotional intelligence (including self-awareness, confidence, motivation)
  9. Leadership skill
  10. Activities (including intra and extracurricular)

5. A degree opens many doors

Broaden your horizons and get networking! Your degree can help you connect with people who can help get you into that dream job.

6. Growth, intellectually and personally

University opens up your entire world to new perspectives and new ideas. University teaches you to think critically. You have an opinion, that’s great but can you tell other people why? Uni teaches you how to not only have an opinion, but to substantiate it using evidence. And well, people wont always agree with you. University allows open discussion on so many different things. The best bit about this, is seeing other peoples perspectives. They might be from another country, a different religion, or even just from another part of Australia, but their view of the world has been shaped completely differently to yours.

7. Travel – yes we will have travel again one day. Maybe.

While we might be grounded for now, there will be opportunity to travel internationally again. But until then, you might still get the opportunity to go somewhere new. A new town for your degree placement.

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