Work with us 

The Country Universities Centre (CUC) is a dynamic and responsive network of Regional University Study Hubs, uniquely tailored to meet the distinct needs of regional communities. The innovative and inclusive model is designed to support any student, regardless of their chosen course or education provider. At CUC, students gain access to a dedicated study space, enriched with flexible and personalised face-to-face support, all within the nurturing environment of their local learning community. Through enhanced higher education access, regional people are empowered to shape vibrant and prosperous futures for themselves and their communities. 

The CUC is community driven; developed by local communities to overcome their local challenges. The grassroots model is agile and responds quickly to student needs. Regional students want to individualise their higher education journey to expand their horizons, rather than fit the existing idea of a university experience. This positions the CUC as the bridge between community and higher education, with a local university education becoming possible for local people without needing to leave their community. It allows regional students the agency to choose any degree path that they desire, knowing that they will have the support of the CUC. 

Current Vacancies

See below for current vacancies within the Country Universities Centre network. If there are no available roles listed, expressions of interest can be directed to Please provide a resume and a cover letter outlining your experience and interest in working with Country Universities Centre.